Buying Tips ~ How to Choose the Right Carpet


Function & Use

Consider the area you need to carpet and the use of the room - is it high traffic or likely to soil? How much light does the area get? How often will it be vacuumed? A high traffic area needs a denser, more durable carpet than a lesser used area. An area with lots of light can handle darker carpets; but an area with intense light may fade.  What the carpet is made of, how it is woven, and how dense it is & what colour it is, all effects the long term wear and durability of carpet.


Type of Carpet

Carpet comes in a variety of types and styles, all suitable for different purposes.  The key is selecting the right type for your area & purpose.
Plush - a soft and velvet looking cut-pile carpet, that will show footprints
Cut Pile Twist - hardwearing textured finish with twisted fibres, great for high traffic
Loop - a durable weave that's twisted & doubled over, for long term durability
Cut and Loop - a little bit of both! Gorgeous plush plus durable loop style
Sisal - a loop pile constructed to run in rows, providing lines & pattern
Learn more about Carpet Types.


Colour & Style

Now you know the area you want to carpet and the type of carpet it needs, its the fun bit! Choose a colour and style of carpet that suits your existing decor, your colour scheme and your usage needs.  Why not use more than one carpet? Something fun and funky for the playroom; sophisticated and modern in the bedroom? Possibilities are endless!

Visit Cross Carpets ~ Borrow Samples ~ Choose Your Carpet

Visit Cross Carpets

Visit the showroom - 4 Brolga Ave, Southport Q 4214. Directions
We can also arrange to come to you. Contact us (07) 55991 2777 or


Bring Your Items

Bring decor items & images of the style you want; we'll help you select some great options! Cushions, chairs, rugs and wall pictures are good inspiration.


Borrow Samples

The best way to choose carpet is in your own space, so borrow our samples, take them home & see how they look! Be sure to look at the samples in different rooms & at different times of day.

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