Carpet Care ~ Maintain Your Investment

Congratulations! You’ve got gorgeous natural fibre carpet! Taking care of natural fibre carpets, like wool, is so much easier than you think.  Follow our tips and advice here to ensure your investment looks stunning for many years to come.

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Preventative Ideas

One of the best ways to maintain your carpet in optimal condition is to take these simple steps to care for it.  Consider:

  • Leave dirt at the door. Use doormats and take shoes off, before going inside.  Keeping dirt and grime out of the carpet fibres will help them last as long as possible.
  • Use quality underlay.  A good quality underlay is a foundation for long term life for your carpet.
  • Protect the carpet from heavy or damaging items. Move heavy items occasionally to prevent deep indents and lift items to avoid pulls and rips.
  • Clean the carpets – sounds obvious, but some people don’t! Regularly vacuum the carpets and have them professionally cleaned annually. This will help give your carpets the longest life possible.
  • Clean up spills. Don’t give them a chance to dry and set, and follow out carpet care guidelines to clean up each spill the right way.
  • Dab, don’t rub.  When cleaning your carpet use a clean cloth folded to a pad in your hand and dab at the blot.  If you rub the blot you can damage the carpet pile.
  • Keep the cleaning spray handy! We give you a can of the very best cleaning spray on the market, so keep it handy, as the inevitable WILL eventually happen. Follow the directions and most spills will easily be removed.

Cleaning Tips

Different stains and spills require different methods of cleaning.  Here’s a few tips:

  • remember to always blot the stain and work from the outside-in, to avoid spreading the stain.
  • white vinegar solution is a “must-have”. Fill a spray bottle with 1/4 white vinegar and 3/4 water, and keep on hand for an easy to grab carpet cleaner.
  • White vinegar solution (above) works for water soluable stains like mud, icecream, milk, washable ink, etc.
  • Water soluable stains that require specialised treatment include blood, coffee, chocolate, mustard, tea, vomit and wine.  Mild detergent and water should be used, after the white vinegar solution.
  • For vomit or urine white vinegar is essential to neutralise the acid and stop the carpet bleaching.
  • Fat, oil, wax, glue, gum or other resinous items require different cleaning methods. Please see our attached Carpet Care Guide for specific advice.

Repairs & Help

Did you know that we can help with a variety of carpet care and maintenance needs?  Contact us and we’ll talk you through the options, such as:

  • carpet stains & spills – having trouble removing a mark from carpet we’ve laid? Call us for advice.
  • burn marks in your carpet? Pulls or tears? Carpet needs re-stretching? Our experienced team can do a great job on carpet repairs.
  • carpet cleaning – very few companies do a great job on natural fibre carpets.  Check our FAQ page for details of local carpet cleaners we recommend.

For more information, tips and advice, visit our FAQ section or send us an email query directly.

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