Luxury Carpets to Suit Any Budget
Cross Carpets offers the very best in natural carpet options. Our extensive range includes wool, alpaca and llama carpets in a huge selection of styles, colours and textures. We can work with ANY budget, providing your investment provides beauty, luxury, comfort and performance for many years to come. Visit our showroom with your decor items and house plans so we can help you select from our range of natural carpets, and help you make the right flooring decision.
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Choose the Area
Think about where you need carpet.  Are they high traffic areas? Count up your rooms, have a floorplan handy & consider: Lounge rooms – comfort & style Bedrooms – warmth & durability Sitting Rooms – decor & use Hallways – traffic & cleaning Playrooms – cleaning & durability Don’t forget walk-in-robes, built-in-robes & cupboards – all usually have carpet laid in them.
Choose a Fibre
Select from natural carpets in: Wool Alpaca Llama Wool Blends
Choose a Texture
Different textures suit different areas & uses. Choose from: Cut Pile Carpet Loop Pile Carpet Cut & Loop Carpet Plush Pile Carpet Sisal Carpet Berber Carpet Wilton Carpet Axminster Carpet
Cut Pile – Twist A durable carpet texture where the fibre loops are cut and twisted, giving exceptional durability and long term wear. Suitable for a wide variety of areas and uses, cut pile twist generally lasts well with good wear and tends to not show tracking or watermarking.  Such a resilient carpet, it’s very soft under foot and comes in a huge variety of colours.
Cut Pile – Plush Plush pile carpets are very luxurious to the touch, having a velvet appearance.  Soft and lush, plush pile carpets do tend to show tracking (footprints) and can watermark or show shading over time.  Watermarking/shading is not a defect, it is most often due to wear, and does not affect the durability of the carpet. A great carpet for comfort and style, suitable for lower traffic areas and beautiful decor.
Level Loop Pile Level loop pile carpets can be very casual or very formal looking, depending upon the style.  Very durable, the loop pile does not show footprints and wears exceptionally well.  A great carpet for busy homes, particularly those with children.  Due to their popularity level loop pile carpets are available in a huge range of colours and styles.
Hi Low Loop Pile A popular variation on a loop pile carpet, this is how styles like SISAL are created. Loops of differing heights create patterns or lines within the carpet, adding to the carpet’s texture and interest.  A very hard wearing and durable carpet, perfect for busy areas.
Cut & Loop Pile The best of both worlds – the luxury of cut pile carpet with the durability of loop pile! Cut & Loop Pile carpets are available in a huge array of colours and styles, offering exciting carpet options.  The plush/cut component of these carpets are susceptible to shading/watermarking and tracking as per other plush/cut pile carpets, but the loop component tends to offer additional durability.
How to Choose the Perfect Carpet?

Visit Cross Carpets

Visit the showroom - 4 Brolga Ave, Southport Q 4214. Directions We can also arrange to come to you. Contact us (07) 5591 2777 or


Bring Your Items

Bring decor items & images of the style you want; we'll help you select some great options! Cushions, chairs, rugs and wall pictures are good inspiration.


Borrow Samples

The best way to choose carpet is in your own space, so borrow our samples, take them home & see how they look! Be sure to look at the samples in different rooms & at different times of day.

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