Your Questions - Answered

Carpet – FAQ’s

Does the carpet quote include underlay and installation?

Yes, it does. Cross Carpets provide you a comprehensive quote for your chosen carpet that outlines the cost of carpet, underlay and installation. You can also choose to include/not include other components, such as moving of furniture and take-up/removal of existing carpet.

Is there any preparation required before installation?

The need for preparation depends upon the condition of your floor/slab. In a newly built home the slab should be fairly good, although sometimes leveling is required and perhaps ramping in some areas such as bathroom doorways (to ensure an even lay of carpet in areas that are higher or slightly raised). In an older property our installation team can do a site inspection to check the floor and recommend any preparation requirements. Our highly experienced sales people with discuss this with you in detail and arrange for site visits if required.

Can you quote carpet from my measurements?

For an accurate carpet quote we need to measure the area in a certain way.  For a new home, bring your plans and we will measure and quote from those.  We will perform a site inspection prior to installation to ensure everything is accurately measured – we understand how things can change during your build process!

In an existing building or home, our experienced staff will come and measure for you.  However it can be handy to have an idea of the area, so feel free to bring details of your home such as how many bedrooms and approximate sizes, when you first visit our showroom.

How do I choose carpet?

Visit our showroom and have a look – we have a huge selection of large samples for you to touch and view.  Take your shoes off, walk on the carpets, see what feels good and looks good too! Bring in your decor items, pictures of decor styles you like, even favourite furniture pieces – it all helps us to help you select the best new carpet.  It’s not unusual for clients to bring cushions, rugs, bed linen, even arm chairs to our showroom!  We will lend you samples of your favourite carpets to take home and view in your own space.  Be sure to view the samples in different rooms and at different times of day, as the light changes and the colours can look different.

Will the seams be visable?

Our installers have extensive experience, laying some of the most luxurious and top quality carpets available.  Their skills are impeccable and we know you’ll be satisfied with the carpet installation you receive.  Although seams may be visible initially, in time these should blend and not be noticeable.

Some of my existing carpet looks ok, can you relay it to another room / house?

Yes, carpet in good quality may be able to be relaid.  We also have customers who reserve good carpet to give use in another home, or give to grandma!  We can quote on installation of existing carpet to another location.  Please note we cannot mix new and old carpet in one room, as dye lots change (meaning the colour may vary) and carpet colours fade over time, meaning it would be impossible to seam/match without being very conspicuous.

Will the carpet I receive match exactly the sample I borrowed?

Remember that carpet is a natural fibre and dye lots will change slightly through each production.  Also, our samples have been exposed to sunlight, plus manufacturers allow for a 5% variance in colour between dye lots, meaning the carpet you receive may be 5% lighter or darker than the sample you selected.  It is wise to note your carpet’s batch number, for future matching purposes.

What is your satisfaction policy / warranty details?

We aim for total customer satisfaction, hence use only excellent quality carpets and experienced installers.  Each carpet has it’s own warranty details, that our sales staff will discuss with you upon selection.  The underlay also has it’s own warranty.  Finally Cross Carpets have our own satisfaction policy and will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with your carpet and installation.

Why should I buy from Cross Carpets?

Cross Carpets are a local business and we’ve operated on the Gold Coast since 1966.  Our lengthy experience is your piece of mind that you’ll get an excellent carpet and installation.  We are well known in the area and have great relationships with our clients and extensive business relationships.

Why do you offer natural carpets, like wool?

We’ve operated on the Gold Coast since 1966 and in that time we’ve learned a lot! Carpet is a long-term investment and we want you to get the most for your money. We know from our experience that you’ll get the best long-term durability, wear and enjoyment from our top quality, natural wool carpets.  In the past we’ve sold a variety of wool blends, nylon and polypropolene carpets, and have been repeatedly disappointed.  Therefore now we only offer you carpets we know will stand the test of time!

What prices are your carpets?

There’s a huge range of carpets available, meaning we can work to any budget.  Come in and see us, chat about what you’d like and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

What does the different types & ||piles|| mean?

For comprehensive information about this please visit our carpet page.  Each carpet pile type suits a different purpose, so when choosing a carpet consider the traffic, the use, the area and the decor requirements.  We can help  you choose the right carpet for your area and needs.  Visit our showroom to discuss.

Underlay – FAQ’s

Can I lay new carpet on my existing underlay?

Carpet needs good support to achieve it’s maximum performance. Your existing underlay would already have been flattened and worn from use.  You will receive better long term durability and wear pairing new underlay with your new carpet.   Generally we won’t lay new carpet over existing underlay, unless it is very new and barely worn.

Why do I need underlay?

Underlay is a vital component of laying carpet.  It provides a firm support for the carpet, helping it achieve maximum performance and lifespan. The way carpet is laid on grippers, it cannot be laid without underlay (unless it’s glued directly to the concrete slab, which is not very comfortable!).  Underlay also provides sound insulation, comfort underfoot, heat insulation and improves wear and appearance of the carpet.

Do all your carpets require underlay?

Yes, as a general rule. There are some carpet products, such as commercial carpet tiles and some marine carpets, that do not require underlay. But you can safely assume that for most installations, underlay is an essential requirement.

Can I have felt underlay?

Yes! We recommend and install felt underlay, to ensure a gorgeous finish and durable wear for our carpets.  We can supply rubber underlay on request, if you prefer.

Can I use underlay with underfloor heating?

Yes. The rubber underlay we use is rated for use with underfloor heating, up to 40C.  To use felt underlay, we would have to review the specifications of your underfloor heating to assess the suitable.

I've been told rubber underlay is firm? Can I have a soft one?

Rubber underlay is actually very soft underfoot.  Remembering that the carpet and underlay will give over time and soften even more, the inherent firmness and bounce-back ability of rubber, makes an excellent underlay choice.

Can I lay the underlay myself to save money?

Our installers are extensively experienced and have all the right equipment to do the job properly, in a time efficient manner.  It is not possible to have them install new carpets over underlay you have laid yourself. However to save money on your carpet installation you can consider moving furniture out of the rooms so installers don’t have to; and you could also perform the “take-up” of existing carpet yourself.  Talk to our sales team to discuss the options in detail.

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