Installation ~ Tips & Advice

The key to getting a the best carpet installation is to hire the right people for the job, and ask the right questions when organising the installation.  Luckily for you we have over 60yrs experience in the carpet industry, so we can guide you to make the perfect carpet and installation selection.  Download our Pre-Install Checklist for and easy to follow checklist of installation related items.

Carpet Installation Tips & Checklist


Questions to Ask Your Retailer

Ensure you are getting the RIGHT people for the job by asking questions like:

  • how long have they been in business
  • what is included in the total price – take up/removal of old carpet & underlay? What underlay is included? Does it include moving furniture?  Does it include stairs or specialised ares? Is carpet included for robes? Have they confirmed with a site measure?
  • consider the warranty terms, on both the carpet and underlay, but also the installation.
  • are they appropriately insured
  • are the installation team experienced? Can they show you samples of their work?
  • how long will the job take? Can they guarantee the timeframe?
  • is my area appropriate for the installation of the carpet product chosen, for example, do the doors have enough clearnance? Is the subfloor smooth/flat enough?
  • consider when you schedule the carpet installation, in combination with your other trades like painting and tiling. Remember the carpet should be the very last item done.

How to Prepare

If you’re looking to make the carpet installation cheaper and faster, there are some things you can do prior, that will assist in this process. Be sure to talk to us beforehand so we have common expections.  For example:

  • take up and removal of old carpet and underlay can save time and money on your new installation – be sure to leave the smooth edge
  • ensuring the subfloor is in good condition
  • cleaning out the area of builders waste and debris

What to Expect

It’s important to understand what the process of installation involves.  Here’s some tips that help you understand the process of carpet installation:

  • your quote details the entire installation – carpet choice, meterage required, underlay to be used; and any other elements like furniture moving and carpet take up/removal. We will take you through this information in detail before you sign the job contract.
  • upon signing the contract a 50% payment is required for us to order your carpet.  The remaining balance is payable upon installation – when you are happy with the job, sign the job sheet with the installer and he’ll take your remaining payment.
  • your carpet will be installed with the utmost care by our diligent and experienced team of installers.
  • to avoid damage to the paintwork ensure your paint has been allowed 2-4 days to dry thoroughly, more time in humid weather.

For more information, tips and advice, visit our FAQ section or send us an email query directly.

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