Carpet Repairs

Residential & Commercial Repairs

Carpet repairs can be tricky to do well; you need highly experienced people to do the job right. Cross Carpets team are extensively experienced in all facets of carpet, including repairs.

We specialise in carpet repairs for commercial and corporate clients, including Real Estate Agencies, Body Corporates & Builders.

Contact us for a quote on your repair – burns & marks, stains, re-stretching, seams, tears & lifting sections. Any repair you need, Cross Carpets team can fix it!

Tears & Pulls

Does your carpet have a tear, or pulled run of fibre? There are ways to fix this, some as simple as re-yarning the pulled seam.  Contact us, our repair team can help!

Stretched Carpet

As a tactile fibre carpet can stretch over time.  Our repair team is highly experienced at repairing stretched carpet so it sits taught & flat once again!

Burns & Holes

Does your carpet have a burn mark, hole or large tear? We can replace the damaged carpet piece with an existing piece (usually from your robe), that in time will meld into the rest of the carpet.  Contact us to discuss what you need.

How Can We Repair Your Carpets?

Carpet Repairs – Tears & Pulls
The unfortunate sometimes happens, tears & pulls in your carpet! Don’t worry, Cross Carpets are the experts in carpet repairs.  For your own home, real estate agency contracts or body corporate repairs; we can repair your carpet tears & pulls in a professional & timely manner.

Carpet Repairs – Stretched Carpet
Over time carpet can stretch from wear. Not only is stretched carpet unsightly, it’s unsafe & can be a dangerous trip hazard. At Cross Carpets our repair & installation team are experts at repairing stretched carpet so it looks almost new again! For your own home, your real estate property or a body corporate requirement, contact Cross Carpets repair team repair team today!

Carpet Repairs – Burns & Holes
Burns & holes can happen for a variety of reason, the most common being a dropped iron! Cross Carpets repair team are experienced in ways to repair carpet burns & holes, without having to replace the entire room.  Specialising in repairs for commercial clients like real estate & body corporates, we also work with many home owners too.  Contact us to discuss your carpet repair needs.