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Wool the ultimate natural fibre

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When considering carpet, you can’t go past wool.
At Cross Carpets we have seen for ourselves just how durable wool carpet truly is. It stands the test of time like no other carpet fibre. Wool has been used to manufacture carpet for thousands of years, the oldest wool carpet was found in Siberia, dating back to 500BC. Wool is an all-round eco-friendly fibre, it’s biodegradable, sustainable and renewable. Making it the perfect choice for those seeking carpet that is not only functional and luxurious, but has a minimal impact on the environment. Wool carpet not only provides softness, warmth, and comfort underfoot but it also insulates your home. Wool sets the standard for all carpet fibres. Its superiority stems from the complexity of the fibre developed over the centuries by Mother Nature to protect sheep in all weather conditions. There is no wonder why wool is the ultimate natural fibre.
So what is wool?

Wool is a natural fibre produced by sheep which grows on their bodies in the same way humans grow hair. As wool grows out from the sheep’s skin, it forms groups of wavy fibres called staples. This natural crimp gives wool its elasticity.

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Facts about wool:

  • Australia’s first sheep came with the First Fleet in 1788 and were bred solely for meat
  • Australian wool trade was established in 1807
  • Sheep are shorn generally only once a year, not only for their wool but also their welfare
  • In 2017, the wool industry was worth $3.65 billion dollars to the Australian economy
  • It is estimated that over 74.3 million sheep were shorn in Australia. (2016-17)
  • Today there are about 40,000 wool producing businesses in Australia
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Here are just some of thee reasons why we love wool.

Benefits of wool:

  • Fire resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Hard wearing
  • Regulates temperature
  • Dirt resistant
  • Air purifier
  • Antistatic
  • Crush resistant
  • Noise insulator
  • Environmentally friendly
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Types of wool

Not all wool is the same, it is dependent on the breed of sheep. There different types of wool can be divided into three separate categories based on the size of each fibre. The diameter of the wool fibre is measured in microns, which is equal to one millionth of a metre. Compared to the fibre length is recorded in millimetres. The combined fibre length and diameter are the main measurements that determine the quality and use of wool.

Wool with the finest micron comes from Merino sheep. Merino sheep wool is highly valued by the world’s leading fashion houses as it can be used to create high quality soft fabrics and knitting yarns.

Merino, as well as some crossbreed sheep, produce medium micron wool that can be used in a variety of woven apparel clothes and soft furnishings.

Romney sheep are just one of many different sheep breeds that produce broader micron wools. Often these breeds are known as dual–purpose breeds because they are farmed with equal emphasis on meat and wool. Broad micron wool is useful for products such as carpets because of its strength and durability.

Wool carpet is a great way to transform any room and add instant value to your property. Wool carpet is a great option as it instantly transforms and room into a cozy, comfortable and welcoming environment for many years to come.

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